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with art against homophobia

Container Love is a playground for talented artists from around the universe and their view on love and sexuality. The exhibition series pays homage to our diversity, beauty and desire. We believe in love and equality. Thus we include all genders, body types and ethnicities in the work we feature. We celebrate extraordinary ways of life and fuck gender roles.

In this world full of ignorant people, homophobia and unnecessary violence against so-called minorities it’s our duty to stand up for more tolerance, enlightenment and reflection. We use art as a weapon to fight interolerant views. As without liberty: life is not worth living. Container Love is pictures, paintings and videos of beautiful normal people, of naked human bodies and sexual allusions. Container Love is music, dance and sweat. Container Love is Love. And Love is the rebellion of beauty.

We are looking for photographers, filmmakers, performer and good stories for the next Container Love. Join the Love Resistance.

MS Dockville 2016