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the soul has no gender for oe magazine

Planningtorock‘s song ‘Let’s talk about gender baby’ was the starting point for Loreen Hinz and Christian Ruess‘s editorial this week. Perception and truth have little to do with one another and everything to do with the resulting images. (taken from OE Magazin)

Photography: Loreen Hinz | Art Direction & Collage: Christian Ruess | Stylist: Silvia Ortombina | Stylist assistant: Laura Marquez, Ekin Güler | Hair & Make-up: Daniela Rotaru, Helping hand: Arvid Knoll (Studio Seiffe)

Models: Karina, India, Martine (Major Models Milan) | Gabriel, Art, Giannis, Johannes, Saimon (Major Models Milan) | Jay, Aline (2Day Milan) | Jenny (Elite) | Laetitia (Boom Models)

Loreen-Hinz-editorial-780x551 Loreen-Hinz-editorial2-780x551 Loreen-Hinz-editorial3-780x551 Loreen-Hinz-editorial4-780x551 Loreen-Hinz-editorial5-780x551 Loreen-Hinz-editorial6-780x551